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carbonite supportCarbonite is an American Company that provides online backup services on every operating system. It is used to back up the document, music files, videos, photos, etc. Carbonite is the first online backup company that offers unlimited storage space at a fixed price. Before this, every company offered limited space on online backup, but after this, many companies changed their limited storage plan to unlimited space plans. Carbonite plans are available in two offers; the first one is home backup, it’s for small business or personal purposes, and the second is professional backup, it’s for more than three systems or big business backup. For customer ease, carbonite pricing for the Carbonite online backup is divided into three carbonite backup pricing plans: Basic, Prime, and Plus. Carbonite is easy-to-use software; it backups all files and documents with one click, or even you can set backup automatically. Carbonite is also available as a mobile application, which makes it user-friendly software.

David Friend and Jeff Flowers founded Carbonite in 2005, and to make the market, they offer a free carbonite online backup on the purchased camera. That time, it was known as the “Best Windows Backup tool” by Life Hacker. After that, Carbonite acquired Mozy (an online backup solution of dell technologies) and Webroot (for cyber security). These are the leading software companies for giving the best service to the customer. But in 2019, Open Text Corporation acquired Carbonite Inc. Since Carbonite was launched, it backed up about 100 billion files and has restored about 7 billion lost files. Carbonite offers many services, but sometimes we may face issues while processing these tasks like carbonite backup, carbonite pricing, carbonite download, carbonite server backup, etc. To get carbonite help, you can contact on carbonite support phone number, but sometimes it takes time to get help from the carbonite support team. In that situation, you can also contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and offers you the best solution to your problems.

Carbonite Sign-In >> Carbonite Help Guide

carbonite sign in

This section provides the carbonite help guide about what you must do for carbonite sign in. Before carbonite login or sign in, you have to create an account on Carbonite so that Carbonite verify you as their customer. After the verification, you can get the service of Carbonite online backup. Follow the steps given below carefully; first, we are providing the steps of creating an account on Carbonite then you will learn about the steps of carbonite login.

  • First, open the official page of Carbonite or click on the link
  • Now select your requirement of the device to get back up like; computers or server
  • Next, you can select the carbonite plans, or you can move further with a free trial
  • Fill the given credentials correctly, and click on the “submit”
  • Now your account username and password are ready to use on the carbonite login

Now we will provide you with the steps of carbonite sign in:-

  • Click on the link or you can open the official page and then click on sign in
  • Enter the carbonite login credentials of your account correctly
  • Verify that you are not a robot; you can also save your username and password by clicking on remember my email box
  • Click on “log in” for carbonite login

Carbonite download help >> Install carbonite on different OS

After creating an account on carbonite backup software, we have to install Carbonite so that we can redeem all the offers and protect our desired document files, music files, videos files, or even a folder from any type of damage or theft. To install Carbonite, we must follow the slightly different ways on various Operating systems. First, we have to get the Carbonite download setup file, then we can install the Carbonite backup software. Follow the given steps to get the carbonite setup file then you can install Carbonite in your desired operating system.

carbonite download

Download and install Carbonite for Mac Operating System:-

To install Carbonite for Mac, follow the given steps for carbonite download and install it.

  • First, you have to do is carbonite login from the official page
  • Then you will see the menu bar on the right-top of the home page
  • You can see an invitation box appears; this is a setup file of carbonite click on it for carbonite download
  • Now you will see two options; you can choose either paid Carbonite online backup plans or start with a free trial
  • We will go to the free trial; then, you will see a “download now” tab click on it
  • Downloading of the setup file automatically starts; now, run it on your device
  • Sometimes, Mac OS did not process the installation
  • To install carbonite setup file, select the “open anyway” option from “security and privacy setting”
  • After this process is done, on the first, you will see the “term of agreement” agree to continue the process
  • Now enter the device admin password
  • Now, they will ask you to select some files or folders for the backup
  • Select the few files or folders, then click on install
  • Remember that on a free trial, you will choose the music or video files for backup
  • Once the backing up of your selected files or folder is done, you can configure the other things on the carbonite application

Download and install Carbonite for Windows Operating System:-

To download the setup file and install Carbonite on Windows Operating System, follow the given steps:-

  • Go to the official page of Carbonite, and enter the credentials for the carbonite login
  • Here you have to answer some security questions and answers; answer them for further process
  • If you want, you can secure your account with a 2-step verification security system
  • On the next page, click on the “backup,” here you can also buy a plan if you want, or you can continue with the free trial version
  • On the next page, you will see the link named “download now” click on it for the carbonite download setup file
  • When the setup file is downloaded, run it as administrator to continue the installation process
  • Next, accept the “term of agreement”
  • Select the files or folder in which you want to take backup
  • On the next page, click on install
  • Further, the process of installation will be done automatically

Install and download Carbonite for android:-

carbonite customer service

Now Carbonite is available on smartphones, follow the given steps to install Carbonite:-

  • Open the play store on your phone and search “carbonite mobile”
  • Click on the application for further installation
  • Click on the “install” option
  • The installation process will be done automatically
  • When you open the app, you can choose one option from these “login” and “create an account”
  • You can also “create an account” for carbonite login
  • Click on the login menu and enter the details
  • Now you will see the option and other features of the application of Carbonite for android

Carbonite Official Support >> Carbonite Customer Service

When Carbonite was launched in the market, no one had imagined that online backup storage technology would grow tremendously. Today everyone needs cloud storage software, where they can store their important data. Anyone stores their data on the cloud storage software because they want to make their data safe from accidental delete, lost or damaged device, unwanted virus or malware, any type of theft, etc. Carbonite online backup offers this protection and gives antivirus software to secure your device. In this carbonite help guide, we tried our best to provide all information related to Carbonite. Suppose you get any problem related to the crb carbonite backup, carbonite pricing, reinstall Carbonite, or Carbonite cost of plans so that you can go through this carbonite help guide. But if you want to take help from official carbonite support, you can call carbonite phone number, which is given below.

carbonite backup

Carbonite customer service number +1(85)227-2249
Carbonite telephone number 877-665-4466
Carbonite support email  [email protected]
Carbonite customer support phone number UK +44 333 1234 200

Carbonite backup pricing plans >> About carbonite plans

Nowadays, you can get a lot of software for online backup storage, but backing up our data on that kind of software is not safe for us. Because some free software leaks our data, or any professional hacker can get our data easily. Also, free software does not offer to back up much data online. To avoid these situations, you can use Carbonite online backup software. Moreover, the carbonite backup pricing is very low compared to other online backup software. Carbonite Plans have three categories: Basic Carbonite Plan, Plus Carbonite Plan, and Prime Carbonite Plan. Every category of carbonite plan is explained below.

  • Basic Carbonite Plan, you will get unlimited backup, automatic backup of every file and photo, you can quickly get access on your mobile phone, supports every type of file and photo, and all your files are stored in the secure and encrypted cloud
  • Plus Carbonite Plan, you will get video backup, powerful antivirus, and also an external hard drive backup with a basic carbonite plan
  • Prime Carbonite Plan you will get the plus plan with a courier delivery of recovered files.
  • These all offers and services are provided by Carbonite at a meager rate. Also, you can use Carbonite for business purposes because the plan of carbonite business pricing is also low, and offers are much better than other software.

Carbonite Support by us

carbonite login

Carbonite backup company is most trusted in the field of online storage. Carbonite backup online software is installed on the user’s device and runs in the background. Carbonite compressed and encrypted every file with 128-bit blowfish encryption mode. This software has features where you can access your account from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to carry anything with you; you need the carbonite login credentials and can download all the files from your Carbonite online backup account. This article helps you to get information about; the carbonite working system, carbonite plans, carbonite support, etc. If you get any issues related to Carbonite, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect to independent third-party support. They will listen to your problem and provide the best solution for your query.