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yahoo mail supportYahoo is a web service provider company established in 1997 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The headquarter of Yahoo is in Sunnyvale, CA, America. Yahoo works under Yahoo Inc., which was 90% invested and managed by Apollo Global management and 10% by Verizon Communication. Yahoo provides many types of services like; Yahoo search engine, a web portal, Yahoo mail, Yahoo sports, Yahoo finance, Yahoo news, Yahoo native, etc. Yahoo grew very fast in the 1990s; within two years, its stock price increased by about 600%, and it acquired many companies then. One of its best acquisitions was in October 1997 when Yahoo acquired Rocket mail, and then it was renamed as Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail was the best mail service then, but in 2004 when Google came with Gmail, it decreased the Yahoo market. Google also provides free 1 GB data, so Yahoo also started giving free 100 Mb data for the public user and 2 GB storage data for the premium users. From time to time, Yahoo always tries to improve its security and other features to maintain its users. As per reports of January 2020, Yahoo mail has 225 million users. Yahoo mail support provides a toll-free number for the user for Yahoo tech support or help Yahoo. But sometimes, contacting them is pretty tough for the user. In this situation, you can contact an independent third-party executive through the number shown on your screen at the top of the page.

How to create an email account at Yahoo >> Yahoo mail create account

After knowing the details of Yahoo, now if you want to use the Yahoo mail service. Now, you have to create Yahoo mail account, which is discussed below in very simple steps; you can follow these steps to create Yahoo account. If you get any problems while following Yahoo create account steps, you can contact an independent third-party executive. They will calmly listen to your situation and provide you easy and perfect solutions for Yahoo email create account issues. You can contact official Yahoo email support if you don’t feel satisfied with them. Carefully follow these steps to create Yahoo email account:-yahoo mail create account

  • Open your web browser
  • Search in the address bar
  • When the website opens, you can see the mail icon box on the top of the webpage
  • Click on that “mail icon box”
  • Next, you can see the webpage has many options, but you have to click on “create an account”
  • Or you can use this link, and then you will be redirected to the sign-up page “Go to the Sign up page
  • Now, fill in the details like; name, birth year, Yahoo mail address for your choice, and a strong password
  • On the next page, you have to enter your recovery phone number for your account safety so that you can use the Yahoo account recovery option anytime
  • The OTP verifies your recovery phone number
  • Now your Yahoo email account is ready to use; if you want, you can note the Yahoo mail account username and password for your Yahoo mail account safety
  • You can also tell someone how to create email account Yahoo easily

How to download Yahoo email setup >> Yahoo download help

Now, you have the credentials of your Yahoo mail account. So you want to do operations on Yahoo mail, but for your comfort zone, you must download Yahoo mail app for Android phone. So here we come, with a better and improved idea in which you have to follow the given steps, and you will get Yahoo support with Yahoo email setup:-

  • Open the play store on your Smartphone
  • Search for the “Yahoo” application
  • Open the application, and click on the “install”
  • Yahoo application will be downloaded and installed on your phone
  • Now open the app, and fill in the login credentialsyahoo download
  • Now you can see Yahoo app download in your Android phone

How to reset Yahoo email Password >> Yahoo mail password reset

Mainly it happens that we forgot Yahoo password because our minds do not have enough capacity to learn too many passwords simultaneously. And we didn’t even use the same password on every online platform because it’s too risky. So sometimes we can forgot Yahoo email password, and contacting the Yahoo support team is just time taking, and sometimes they are also busy. So here we are giving some steps; follow these steps carefully, and when you forgot Yahoo password.

  • Open on your web browser
  • Click on the mailbox that is on top of the page
  • Now you have to enter the username and then click on “Next”
  • On the next page, you have to enter the password, so click on “forgotten password”
  • Now your recovery phone number is showing on the screen, click on “yes, send me a code”
  • Verify the code by entering it on the next page
  • Now you can enter the new password; please try to make it a strong password
  • Now your Yahoo password reset is done
  • You can click on “continue” to use your Yahoo mail account
  • You can also learn “how to reset Yahoo password” from these steps

Yahoo Email Setup >> Yahoo mail setting up

Yahoo mail setting has various features which are used for different purposes. We will discuss some of the purposes below so that you can apply these setting systems in your Yahoo mail to make it safe and secure. Suppose you get any problem while using these settings; you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect to an independent third-party executive to resolve every type of email setup

Yahoo IMAP setting >> Yahoo mail setting

Yahoo IMAP setting is used to connect the desktop or the Mobile app to the Yahoo mail account; it works like you can get every detail of your Yahoo mail account on your desktop or phone app. Yahoo IMAP setting is used for the incoming mails, and Yahoo SMTP settings are used for the sending mails.

  • Setting for IMAP server:
  • Choose the port number for Yahoo IMAP setting – 993
  • Yahoo IMAP setting also requires Secure Socket Layers, so choose “yes” from dropbox
  • Setting for Yahoo SMTP server –
  • Choose the port number for Yahoo SMTP settings 465 or 587
  • Yahoo SMTP settings also required Secure Socket Layers, so click on “yes.”
  • The Yahoo SMTP settings also require authentication

Yahoo Mail Official Support

Yahoo is a web service provider company that provides various services. Yahoo mail service is one of them, where you can get free and paid services. It also offers free cloud storage to add contacts, documents, etc. Yahoo mail service also has updated features in which you have some customized folders to store your mails. Yahoo mail also has a facility where it can send notifications for updating or maintenance. In this Yahoo help article, we have discussed how to create a Yahoo account, how you can do Yahoo mail download, how Yahoo mail acquired Rocket mail and then started Yahoo mail service, how to solve the Yahoo problems, etc. If this guide is not enough for you, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. Suppose you are satisfied with their response; you can contact the official Yahoo email support or Yahoo support email service number given mail help

Yahoo tech support team 800-305-7664
Yahoo email support team

Yahoo Tech Support >> Yahoo Issues

When we start using Yahoo and its features, we may face some Yahoo email problem like; why is Yahoo mail not working, can’t sign into Yahoo mail, your Yahoo mail hacked, Yahoo mail wouldn’t load, etc. so in this section, we are going to solve every Yahoo mail problems and their step-wise solutions.

Yahoo mail is not working >> Yahoo mail issues

This is the most common problem for every user using Yahoo on different devices. Yahoo mail is not working and can be resolved in many simple ways. In this section, we are going to tell you how to fix when your Yahoo not working.

  • First of all, check the Yahoo notification panel to make it confirm that the Yahoo server is not under maintenance
  • Check your internet stability, may your IP conflicts or IP continuously changing
  • Now, restart your device
  • If your Yahoo mail app not working, you can delete the cache files of your application
  • If you have a browser, you have to reinstall the web browser
  • Check your log-in process in another browser
  • At last, you have to update your app or your web browser

Can’t sign in to Yahoo mail >> Yahoo email issues

Sometimes people can’t sign in to Yahoo mail for various reasons. In this section, we will discuss all the reasons and their solution in simple steps:-

yahoo issues

  • Check your password and enter it very carefully
  • If you do not remember your password, you can reset Yahoo password (steps are given above section of this article)
  • You can try another browser to check whether your browser is working fine or not
  • When you try to log in many times, it may be locked for 12 hours for the security reasons
  • Otherwise, your IP may be conflicting, so Yahoo has locked your id for 12 hours
  • You may be using any VPN so that it is locked to protect your Yahoo mail

Your Yahoo mail hacked >> Recover Yahoo Account

If you think your Yahoo mail was hacked, you can try these processes to detect that your Yahoo mail hacked. If you find that it is true, we are also providing the steps to protect your account from these types of Yahoo email problem. Follow the given steps:-

  • Sign for your Yahoo mail hacked:- Your Yahoo not receiving emails; check unexpected login from the activity page; your Yahoo mail may send spam to your contacts
  • Review your mail settings: – You should check the Yahoo mail setting because sometimes hackers change the setting and make copies of your mails or directly enter your inbox.
  • Check the email filters, check if any new filters have been created
  • Check your signature and email sending name has not been changed
  • Check that copies of your emails are going to the right inbox
  • Make sure that any essential addresses are not blocked
  • Also, check that your email is not forwarding emails to another email automatically
  • If you think there are any doubts in your Yahoo mail setting or any suspicious action, then do some immediate steps to recover Yahoo email
  • Change your Yahoo email, change your password
  • Uninstall or delete the unwanted application
  • Reset your Yahoo setting; if they were changed
  • Please turn on 2 step verification setting for extra security
  • Always try to update your antivirus software

How to recover Yahoo mail deleted emails >> Recover Yahoo email

  • Sometimes by mistake, our emails have been deleted from our Yahoo inbox; then, we can recover those Yahoo mails from the trash boxrecover yahoo email
  • But anyhow, some Yahoo mails deleted emails lost from the trash box
  • To retrieve that mail, we have to submit a request mail recovery request
  • But before submitting a request, we have to keep essential things in our mind that are pointed below
  • The submission of restoring emails can’t be canceled
  • Restoration of mails is not always successful
  • Only that mails can be restored which are lost or deleted in the last 7 days
  • Successfully restored mails are directly added to the same folder where they had been lost
  • Emails or spam, or draft folder can’t be restored
  • Marketing emails or some coupon offer mails also can’t be restored

Yahoo mail not receiving emails >> problems with Yahoo mail

Sometimes we eagerly wait for some important emails, but we face some Yahoo mail issues. This is a common Yahoo email issue. In the next section, we will discuss the solution to this problem and how to get Yahoo mail. Follow the given steps:-

  • Check the following Yahoo account settings; some setting is changed, that’s why your Yahoo mail not receiving emails
  • Open the “reply-to addresses” setting and make sure it is blank
  • Check your block list; maybe your sender has been blocked
  • Sometimes domain was also blocked, so check that
  • Check the spam folder; perhaps your mail was marked
  • Check the email filters; it may be received in another folder
  • Try to sign in Yahoo account in another web browser
  • Sometimes, the sender did not enter the correct address, so contact them once
  • Now you can reset your account Yahoo mail setting

Deleting Yahoo email account & Yahoo email account recovery

When you are deleting Yahoo account due to some reason. You can delete it in a few steps that are given below. But remember, by doing this, you can directly end your paid subscription and stop the Yahoo mail service immediately. If you want to do so, follow the given steps:-

  • Now open the link “Sign in to the Yahoo account termination page
  • You have to enter login credentials, and you are directly reverted to the termination page
  • Read the complete statement carefully about deleting Yahoo email account
  • Scroll down the page, click on the “continue deleting my account”
  • Now, again Yahoo asks for confirmation; if you want to process further, enter the email address and click on “Yes, terminate this account”
  • After the Yahoo mail confirmation, your account has been deleted

Now, for some reason you want Yahoo account recovery, then you have to follow the steps discussed below:-

  • Your account may be recovered if you try to log in between 30 days from all over the world
  • This time is varied from country to country like; in Australia and New Zealand, it is 90 days; in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan, this time is increased to 180 days, and for the rest, it is 30 days
  • Now for Yahoo account recovery, click on the link “Sign in to your account
  • Verify your account by entering OTP
  • On the next page, you have to enter the new password for your Yahoo mail account
  • Now click on “continue” your account is successfully recovered

Yahoo Support by us

yahoo support

Yahoo is a famous company; it has many subsidiary companies. From the beginning to now, it acquired many different companies in various sectors. One of the best examples is given here; in 1997, it acquired Rocket mail and changed that name mail service to “Yahoo mail”. In the 1990s, Yahoo was the most dominating company in the field of technology; with the addition of its mail service, Yahoo became unstoppable, and its stock price boomed to 600%, which was a massive achievement for any company in this field. But after the 1990s, Yahoo had to compete with many companies in every sector to maintain the market trend setter status as well as Yahoo mail had to face Google Gmail and other webmail companies. But Yahoo mail has successfully carried its leading face in the market. We have discussed everything about Yahoo mail, like how to create Yahoo account; we have tried to resolve the Yahoo mail problem in simple and easy steps. Suppose you do not understand anything in this Yahoo mail help guide; you are free to connect to Yahoo mail contact through the number flashing on your screen to an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your every Yahoo issue and convey to you the best and simple solution in a short time.