1. When I suspect that my Yahoo email is hacked and can no longer access my account, what are the most effective immediate steps I should take to regain control and secure my data?

    • If you suspect your Yahoo email is hacked and access is compromised, immediately attempt to reset your password using Yahoo’s ‘Trouble signing in?’ feature, accessible from the Yahoo login page. Provide your email or phone number linked to the account to receive a reset link. Concurrently, use a secure device to monitor account activity for any unauthorized access. Upon regaining access, immediately update your security settings and scrutinize recent activity logs for any actions you did not authorize.

  2. What are the definitive signs that should alert me to the possibility that my Yahoo account was hacked, and how can I confirm this suspicion through Yahoo’s system?

    • Signs that your Yahoo account was hacked include unexpected sent emails, unauthorized changes to account settings, and reports from contacts about receiving odd or spam emails from your account. To confirm these suspicions, regularly check the ‘Recent activity’ section in your Yahoo account settings, which shows device types and locations of all logins, to spot any activity that doesn’t match your usage pattern.

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