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dropbox supportDropbox is an American company which provides services of online storage, cloud storage service, file synchronization, personal cloud service and client software. Dropbox is especially design to host user files, it allows the user to upload the files on cloud storage that can be accessed only over valid authentication. It was founded by two MIT students named Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi as their startup in 2007. Dropbox uses freemium business model, it means it is consist of premium and free services. It provides 2 GB online free storage space. In March 2013 Dropbox acquired a popular email app known as Mailbox. After this in March 2014 it launched three apps simultaneously Dropbox Carousels, video and a photo app. earlier, the official domain of Dropbox was “getDropbox.com” then in 2009 it acquired its current domain “Dropbox.com”.  In 2014 Dropbox was banned in China. After the launch, Dropbox was always the first choice for the customers. In April 2009, Dropbox registered 1 million users, which was increased to 3 million till the end of the year. As per report, Dropbox have around 700 million registered users. In 2020, Dropbox was awarded as best software companies, as it was ranked 1st in G2’s global top 100 best software companies. After the launch this company was always trend on top because of generated controversy and providing high technology. So due to all these unconditional activities sometimes customers have to face some technical issues or errors so for that purpose anyone can contact on the number provided to connect to an independent third party executive or you are free to get help from Dropbox customer service online.

Sign Up on Dropbox >> Dropbox Setup

For using the service of the Dropbox, you must require the account on Dropbox and the application of the Dropbox in your computer where you can access Dropbox very easily. The steps of Dropbox is really short and easy, and you can also download the application together. We are going to explain everything in this section.

  • Open the official website of the Dropbox “Dropbox.com
  • You can see the “sign up” option on the top of page, click on it
  • On next page you have to fill create an account credentials to create account on Dropbox or else you can sign up with your Gmail account

    dropbox setup

  • After filling all the credentials, accept the agreement option click on “create an account”
  • Now you can see the plan page of Dropbox, here you have various plans you can choose one to continue or you can continue with 2GB Dropbox Basic Plan
  • Now your account has been created, you can use it as per your need
  • For the Dropbox setup again open the official Dropbox page “Dropbox.com
  • Now click on “Sign-up” option for the further process
  • On the next page, you can see the option “Download the app” on the top right of the page
  • Now the installer has been downloaded in your computer
  • Now you can install the app on your computer
  • For Windows operating system find it on taskbar
  • For Mac operating system find it on “finder” by using Admin log in credentials
  • Now the Dropbox step has successfully installed in your computer system use

Dropbox Gmail login >> Dropbox mail help

Dropbox also provides facility by which you can log into Dropbox using your Gmail id, or also you can create your unique id for the Dropbox. Above we learnt about the Dropbox setup download and set up Dropbox account. So if you don’t want to another mail id for Dropbox you can use your Gmail into the Dropbox. Dropbox also allows their user to forward messages to the trusted Dropbox contact up to 20 MB per Dropbox transfer emails. Follow the given steps for the Dropbox Gmail login:-dropbox help

  • First of all open the official home page of Dropbox
  • Click on the “sign in” option from the menu on top of page
  • On the next page, you can see the various option but you have to click on “sign in with google”
  • Now you can continue with the your Dropbox Gmail login details
  • For changing Dropbox email for your Dropbox log in, follow the below steps
  • After the Dropbox Gmail login, click on the your profile picture(avatar)
  • Now to go “setting”
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Get new address”
  • Next click on “Email to Dropbox”
  • Click on “save changes”
  • Now you have unique Dropbox Gmail login credentials

Dropbox Customer Service >> Contact Dropbox support

Dropbox is most trusted and fastest growing startup which becomes a Unicorn in the field of tech-industry. Dropbox always try to improve their technology and provides the best service to their customers. But some generated controversy try to degrade the status of the Dropbox in tech market. Sometimes, user may also face some Dropbox problems regarding their document and other uploaded files on Dropbox security issues and some technical issues. For maintaining the status in the market Dropbox provides many type of official Dropbox customer service like; connect on call Dropbox support, Dropbox live chat, Dropbox help chat on email or contact Dropbox support. Meanwhile, you have to wait to get Dropbox help from official Dropbox contact. Suppose you want to resolve Dropbox issues immediately then you are free to contact on the number flashing on your to get help from an independent third party customer executive. They will listen your Dropbox issues and try to resolve in easy steps.dropbox customer service

Dropbox contact support 800-620-5395
Dropbox customer support https://help.Dropbox.com/
Dropbox business support https://experience.Dropbox.com/contact
Dropbox customer service +1-855 237 6726

Dropbox issues >> Dropbox help guide

Whenever you are using the Dropbox technical service, you may face some Dropbox problems like, Dropbox smart sync not working, Dropbox won’t open, Dropbox login problem, Dropbox won’t upload, Dropbox not updating, Dropbox not syncing windows 10, Dropbox spam email. For these types of problem, you read the below section of this article or you are free to contact on the number on your screen to connect an independent third-party executive for the better and quick solution for every Dropbox problems. But suppose you are not satisfied with their solution then you are free to connect Dropbox customer service to get Dropbox help.

Dropbox sync issues >> Dropbox won’t sync help

Follow the given steps when your Dropbox won’t sync filer or the Dropbox folder not syncing:-

  • Frist check the internet speed of your device
  • If you are using the Dropbox website then refresh or reload the webpage
  • If you are using the application of Dropbox then you have to quit and reopen the application
  • Update your Dropbox immediately
  • Still you are facing the Dropbox issues, uninstall and install the application
  • Check the permission of the application, and try to give full permission of your device
  • Check the date and time your device, make sure it is correct
  • Close the other application and also check once the sync file
  • Make sure the files are saved in your Dropbox, which you want to sync
  • Now your Dropbox sync issues will be resolveddropbox issues
  • If still, you are getting the same Dropbox issues you are free to contact Dropbox support team

Dropbox won’t open >> Dropbox issues

Follow the given step, if Dropbox won’t open in your device. We are providing the steps by which you can resolve your Dropbox problems.

  • First of all check your Operating system protection technology, to give access to Dropbox app
  • Then you can also check antivirus, if you have
  • Dropbox the access of the ports 17600 and 17603 from your device, check it and turn it on
  • Check the version of your Dropbox app, and try to install latest Dropbox version
  • Uninstall the unnecessary application from your device
  • Now, try to open Dropbox
  • Your Dropbox problem will definitely get resolved

Dropbox smart sync not working >> Dropbox smart sync not working on Mac

You have already learn about, how to resolve Dropbox sync issues. Smart sync is a feature of the Dropbox in which you can save space and get backup computer Dropbox on large file. If is not working you can follow the given steps to resolve this Dropbox sync issues:-

  • Check that version of your dropdown box, and try Dropbox update
  • Check your OS security and antivirus security, they might blocking
  • Check the extension of the smart sync is installed or not
  • If extension is installed, then uninstall and reinstall the extension
  • Disable all the extensions and other software
  • Now smart sync feature is surely start working

Dropbox support by us

dropbox customer supportDropbox is a file hosting service provider that is started by the two MIT students. Initially it was funded by Y combinatory. But the growth of user was steady from the beginning of the company. As per repots Dropbox has more than 700 million of registered user. But when we are using the online service related to some technology which is upgrading day by day then maybe we have to face normal Dropbox issues. In this article we have tried our best to provide every piece of information from the history of Dropbox to latest features. We have also discussed the Dropbox problem and their easy step wise solution. Still, if you get any problem while following these steps or other Dropbox issues, you are free to connect to the number flashing on the screen to contact an independent third-party executive. They will listen your problem patiently and provide you the best solution of your problem.