D-Link Support by Professionals

D-Link is a Taiwanese company, which offers a wide variety of electronic products. The product line is aimed at the network and communication segment. It manufactures switches, cameras, firewall, wireless communication products. D-Link was founded in 1986, and in 1994 it changed its name. This move was to make it the first Taiwanese networking company in Taiwan’s stock market. In 2007 it became the leading company in the network segment also claiming the 9th spot in the top IT companies. It also featured info Tech 100. Info-Tech 100 is a listing of the world’s companies offering IT services. DIR-655 product of D-Link was also launched in the same year of 2007. D-Link was also one of the earliest companies to come up with a dual-band router. Today D-Link offers services for both home and large businesses.dlink support

Over the years, D-Link has been ranked one for its routers. It offers a wide variety of Routers, allowing multiple machines to share the bandwidth of the internet and allowing file sharing. It can connect a single machine to the internet and can also allow multiple machine connectivity and internet sharing through just one device. Apart from this, it offers active firmware support for all of their product. D-Link keeps pushing new updates and also offers a lot of quick fixes with each update.

D-Link Customer Service >> Dlink Default Password

If you forget your password, follow the following easy steps before contacting Dlink customer support by dialing Dlink support number. Steps are easy to follow. If you get stuck in any of the steps mentioned below, you can dial Dlink support number, the executive at Dlink tech support will try to assist you.

  1. The very first step in the Dlink router setup is to make sure you have plugged in the Dlink router and turned it on before beginning with Dlink router setup.
  2. Use a pointed object like a pin inside the reset button, you may find it sandwiched between the power connector and the internet port. If you are not able to find the reset button, you can dial Dlink support number.
  3. It will take around a minute for the dlink router setup to reboot the system.
  4. Get rid of the power source by brute force, switching off the power source. This is a part of the dlink router setup process to reset the password to default.
  5. The final step of the Dlink router setup; you can now access the Admin username and a blank password here

dlink router setupYou will not face any problem in following the above steps. These are fairly easy, if you are stuck somewhere you can go for support Dlink by dialing Dlink support number. If are not able to find Dlink support number, you don’t need to worry. You can go to the contact us tab on its website and you will find Dlink tech support number. The experts at D-link customer service are trained professionals and they try their best to assist customers. D-link customer service phone number is a toll-free number available round the clock. You can also use D-link customer service phone number at night as they are available 24*7. You can also reach out to D-link customer service using email. If you seek support Dlink offers through email, you can write mail on Dlink customer service email available on their website. You may also use our support number for quick help. It redirects the call to an independent 3rd party Dlink support number. We suggest customers peruse all the terms & conditions first before making a call on our support number.

Dlink Customer Support >> Resetting your D-Link Router

In case you have forgotten your username and password, you cannot access the settings menu and you cannot reach out to D-Link router setup, where you can access the D-Link router settings. You need to reset your router if you wish to access D-Link router setup and change settings according to your needs. Accessing D-Link router setup is easy but you need to plug in the username and password inside the D-Link router setup menu. Follow these steps to reset all the settings including your network settings, inside the D-Link router setup.

To reset your D-Link router:

  1. Make sure the Router is turned on.
  2. Press the reset button behind.
  3. Release the reset button in 15-30 minutes. This resets Dlink setup settings.
  4. Wait for few seconds before trying to access Dlink setup.
  5. Now, your D-Link DI-624 router is on default network configuration. Including default SSID also the WEP encryption key is set to default. You need to re-configure your D-Link router network settings from the Dlink setup if you wish to access the internet. Network settings are very important.
  6. You will need to login inside the Dlink setup.

If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to connect with D-Link customer service executive by dialing Dlink tech support phone number.dlink setup

Dlink Tech Support >> D-Link Firmware Upgrade

D-Link keeps pushing security updates and If you opted for Dlink setup at home and the firmware is outdated, you might want to check the guide below. These are the necessary steps you need to follow if you wish to upgrade your firmware. You will need to access the D-Link setup from your browser, so make sure you are on a laptop. The upgrade would help you stay updated to the most secure firmware the company has to offer.

  1. Make sure you make a back-up of the configuration file before proceeding to the upgrade.
  2. Go to the D-Link setup menu by going to on your browser.
  3. In the D-Link setup, find tools and click on firmware.
  4. Tap on the Check now button inside D-Link setup, this will allow the router to search for the availability of the upgrade.
  5. It will automatically upgrade you to the latest firmware.

If it says you are already to the latest firmware, you need to upgrade the firmware manually. You will need to exit D-Link setup. Move to the official website of D-Link and look out for support Dlink.com tab on the website. Now once you are on support Dlink.com page, look for the products and follow these steps before you seek support Dlink offered by dialing Dlink customer service number.

From the product page, select your product and click on firmware. You will find all the Dlink products on the support Dlink.com page.

Scroll through the page and find the latest firmware available. If the version is the same as the one you found in the D-Link wireless router setup menu, it would mean that you are already on the latest firmware. If not, you need to follow some further steps to upgrade.dlink customer service

  1. Click on the download button of the latest firmware you find on the page.
  2. Locate the file and double click to open it.
  3. Click on Upload.
  4. Click on Okay if you have backed up to continue.
  5. Click on Confirm and select the correct firmware.
  6. After the firmware is upgraded, it will reboot. You will also see the newer version upgraded in the D-Link wireless router setup menu.

D-Link Support Numbers – Official:

Use the official Dlink support phone numbers that are given below for help. These Dlink contact options are taken out of the resources available on the Internet. In case these D-link contact options get changed, we are not accountable for that. Make sure that you have verified these Dlink numbers by yourself before using any. For quick yet effective assistance, you may also use the support phone number given on this site. It redirects the call to a trustworthy independent 3rd party D-Link customer support number.

D-Link Support Number 1 (877) 453-5465
Dlink Customer Support Number USA 1-714-885-6000
D-Link Support Phone Number (office) +1 800-326-1688

Dlink Setup >> How to Setup Dlink Router

Setting up Dlink router is simple. You need to follow these simple steps if you wish to setup Dlink.

Automatic setup:

  1. Connect both the router and the laptop to a power source.dlink tech support
  2. Setup WAN (or internet) by connecting the Ethernet cable on both the router and PC.
  3. Allow the light induction, it takes a little time.
  4. Go to your device be it PC or Mobile.
  5. Look at your network preference.

If this fails, you will need to configure your router manually. Before you dial Dlink tech support number to connect to Dlink customer support, follow the following simple steps.

Manual Setup:

  1. Unplug power.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to your LAN port.
  3. Connect your modem to the LAN Port.
  4. Power both the modem and the router.
  5. Open the browser and go to to access D-Link wireless router setup.
  6. Now once you have access to the D-Link wireless router setup, Login with the default password and click on next.
  7. After this, D-Link wireless router setup will start scanning the kind of internet connection you have.
  8. If the scan is successful, you can click on next. If not, you need to configure it manually.
  9. Set up a username, password. Both are provided by your ISP. Dlink tech support may have data of a lot of ISP providers, compatible with their product but it is advised to reach out to the ISP provider instead of Dlink customer support for questions related to ISP.
  10. Configure the wireless settings.
  11. Select your Time Zone after setting up the wireless settings.
  12. After this, you will need to reboot to apply these settings.

dlink support numberD-Link Camera Setup >> Setting Up D-Link Camera

Follow the following steps to setup Dlink Camera.

  1. Go to D-Link support from http://eu.mydlink.com/support and find the D-Link camera setup. You will need to scroll through the D-Link support page. There are many products.
  2. Once you find the D-Link camera setup on the D-Link support, click on download.
  3. After downloading D-Link camera setup from the D-Link support, double tap on D-Link camera setup to launch the installation process. If you don’t find the installation package for your product on the D-Link support page, you can dial Dlink customer service number which is available on support Dlink.com. If you are not able to find Dlink customer service number under support Dlink.com, you can even search it on the search engine.
  4. D-Link camera setup is bilingual and has different languages. Select the language of your preference from the D-Link camera setup language page.
  5. Click on start.
  6. The license page of D-Link camera setup will appear.
  7. In the license agreement page of D-Link camera setup, you will need to select “agree.” If you wish to move further, click on Next.
  8. Connect the camera to your router and follow the instruction.
  9. Enter the existing D-Link account details in the Dlink camera setup and click on next.
  10. If you don’t have an existing Dlink account, you can opt for signing up inside the Dlink camera setup.
  11. Click on Next and finish, a summary inside the Dlink camera setup will appear.
  12. This summary inside the Dlink camera setup has all the information on the things you signed up with.
  13. Log in to your account to manage additional controls.dlink customer support

If you find any of the above-mentioned steps difficult, feel free to connect to Dlink customer support. You can do that by simply dialing Dlink customer service phone number. The professionals at Dlink customer support are highly trained and are always willing to help in every possible way. You can also use our support number for assistance. It transfers the call to an independent 3rd party D-Link customer service number. We suggest customers read all the terms & conditions first before making a call on our support number and contacting the 3rd party Dlink customer support number.