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D-link is a popular router from Taipei, Taiwan. The company was initially known by the name “Datex Systems Inc.” which changed to D-link and became a public company. Datex System was the first to introduce LAN smart networking operated system, like Novell, TCP/IP. It became a public company and was registered in Taiwan Stock exchange in the year 1994. Very soon it became a large supplier of WiFi and internet products across the globe. D-link acquired about 33% of the market share in 2007. D-link made smart products which are reliable and genuine. This is the reason for high demand of D-link products.

D-link launched its first WiFi router which was most successful routers in the year 2007 and was ranked as the 9th best IT Company in the year 2007. You are one of the consumer of D-link router and might need assistance in Dlink router setup, Dlink router login, Dlink firmware update, Dlink default password reset or various other Dlink issues. Therefore, we have provided you the assistance related to Dlink router in this article. However, if you are having trouble in executing these steps then, you can call on the number provided. You will be connected to an independent third party service provider executives. They will listen to you and guide you through the steps. Now, let us begin the Dlinkrouter settings.

How to make Dlink router setup >> D link router setup help

If you are confused on how to make Dlink router setup, you can easily take help from the steps below. Follow these steps to understand the D link router setup which is pretty easy and straightforward.

  • Connect the router to a plug or power source with the adapter

Note: The adapter comes with the package

dlink router setup

  • With an Ethernet cable, connect the modem to the router via WAN port
  • The router will start in few seconds, you will get to know once the indication light glows
  • Select the network preference
  • For SSID which is WiFi name look in the Wireless configuration Card
  • You can change it later on
  • Next, you have to enter the Dlink default password from the same Wireless configuration card

For Wireless Configuration

  • Remove the modem from the power source
  • Connect the computer from the router’s LAN port with the Ethernet cable
  • After connecting the router and computer you need to switch on the power source
  • Next you have to open the browser
  • Enter the IP address of your router that will be written on the router itself
  • Note- If you don’t know Dlink router IP address then you can enter
  • Now, Dlink router setup will appear on the screen
  • Login page will appear
  • Next step is to log in by entering the default username and leave the password space blank
  • For wireless Dlink setup select SSID
  • Below WAN setup choose DHCP/PPOE/DHCP/Static
  • Leave SSID Key and tap on Save and Connect
  • After you have completed this process your router will connect to internet
  • Your D link router setup has been completed

Steps for Dlink router login >> D link router login help

  1. Dlink router login process is pretty simple and easy.dlink router login
  2. First enter the IP address
  3. Dlink router login page will open
  4. Enter admin in Username and leave the password blank
  5. Tap on ok
  6. D link router login process is completed

How to achieve D link router password reset >> D link default password reset steps

For Dlink password reset you can follow these steps-

  • Open browser and enter your router’s IP address
  • You can try entering as default IP address of the router
  • Enter the Admin password popup will appear, for now just leave it blank as Dlink default password can be left blank, if you have not changed it yet and tap on login
  • Note- If you have already changed the admin password then enter that one
  • Enter ‘Admin’ in the username space
  • Next you have to fill in the wireless settings
  • In this step you have to enter the new desired password
  • Tap on save to save the Dlinkrouter settings
  • Go to settings tab and fil in the login details

You have successfully completed the D link router password reset.

Dlink router Official support

D-link is a very popular company in the field of networking and internet equipment. It has infinite number of customers from all over the world. You can rely on D-link router services for the internet and networking machines. Here we have provided you a guide on Dlink router setup to Dlink router problems. You can search for the Dlink router problems here or in case you are unable to execute the steps then you can call on the number provided here. But if you are searching for Dlink official support, we have delivered it here. These numbers are obtained from the reliable internet sources. But, there is a chance it may change in future, you should verify it yourself before proceeding.d link support

Dlink support number 1 (877) 453-5465
Dlink customer support number USA 1-714-885-6000
Dlink office number +1 800-326-1688

How to proceed with Dlink firmware update >> Dlink firmware update help

 In order to achieve Dlink firmware update you need to follow these simple steps

  • Download the Dlink firmware from the official website of D-Link
  • Next open any Browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari Which ever you prefer according to device
  • Enter http://www.dlink.com/support for Dlink firmware update
  • Write the IP address of your router i.e in the address bar

Note: This router IP address will be written on your router itself. If you are unable to find the same then you can try entering which is the default Dlink router IP address.

  • Now enter admin in username and enter the admin password if you have changed it otherwise leave the password space blank
  • Tap on login
  • Click on manual setup
  • Tap on maintenance tab which is on the top of the page
  • Click on the Dlink firmware update in the left hand side menu
  • Hit on the browse option to locate the file which you have downloaded earlier
  • Tap on the file and click open
  • Once you click on the open D Link firmware update will start automatically
  • After the upload has completed you need to tap on continue to complete the D-Link firmware update process

Dlink Support by Us

dlink routers supportDlink is an MNC which is based in Taiwan, produces internet equipment. It is the major supplier of WiFi across the world. This company was earlier known by the name ‘Datex Systems Inc.’ which changed to Dlink in 1994. By 2007 it had become a major company in network equipment and was ranked 9th best IT Company in the world. In this article we have provided you Dlink routers Support and guided you through the Dlink router login, D link setup and Dlink firmware update etc.

Therefore,for Dlink router issues you can call on the number provided here. It connects you to an independent third party service provider executive. They will listen to you for D link support and try to solve your Dlink issue very patiently.